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Empower Your Business with

Expert Business Consultation

Increase profits and growth with proven strategies

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Business Consultants for a Growth Mindset

We help solopreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and entrepreneurs to overcome challenges, create business value, and achieve sustainable growth.

Strategic Partnerships for Growth

We aim to be the go-to strategic partner for organizations looking to navigate complexities, optimize operations, and unlock new opportunities, ultimately leading to transformative growt

  • Business Formation

  • Business Plan Development

  • Business Plan & Marketing

  • Business Growth Consultation

  • Business Assessments

  • Strategic Planning

  • Strategies for Competitive Advantage

  • Business Plan Critique

Artificial Intelligence:

•    Business Development with AI
•    Gain a Competitive Advantage
•    Grow Business
•    Launch Products
•    Increase Margins
•    Create Brands
•    Content Creation

Cost Efficiency:

Our goal is to offer affordable solutions that can

assist businesses in reducing their costs related to

operations, tools, and resources.


Deliver customizable solutions tailored

to the specific needs of individual businesses,

allowing for a personalized experience.

 Competitive Advantage -Innovation and Technology:

 Implement strategies to stay at the forefront of technological advancements,

offering innovative solutions to give businesses a competitive edge.

Time Savings:

Provide tools and services that help save time,

allowing entrepreneurs and SMBs to focus on core business activities.

Collaboration and Networking:

Facilitate opportunities for collaboration and networking

within a business community, fostering partnerships and growth.

Customer Support:

Deliver excellent customer support and service

to address issues promptly, ensuring a positive and reliable experience.

Ease of Use:

Develop user-friendly products and services

to simplify processes and reduce

the learning curve for entrepreneurs and SMBs.



Client-Centric Excellence: We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled value to our clients by understanding their unique challenges, providing tailored consultancy services, fostering long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual success, and offering consultancy services that transcend geographical boundaries.


  • WAF's rates vary based on the complexity of the work required, ranging from hourly to daily and even retainer-based fees.

  • Project-based fees are also available for specific, well-defined projects with agreed deliverables and fees. Both WAF and the client agree on the project's deliverables and fees.

  • Hourly rates for WAF's services can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the work required. The rate can range from tens to several hundreds of dollars per hour.

  • Some clients prefer to pay daily rates, which offer more flexibility for longer engagements or projects.

  • For clients who want to secure WAF's availability for a specified period, a retainer fee is paid upfront. This fee ensures a set number of monthly hours are dedicated to the client



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